"All it takes is a phone call or email to start the discussion with Bettie - it's really quite easy! She will guide you through the process."

Call or email Bettie Biehn at 202.550.0999 or esbiehn@aol.com. Bettie will talk with you briefly about your career goals and the specific services you are seeking (resume, cover letter, career coaching). She will then outline what she thinks would work for you, talk about her working style, and discuss pricing. At that point, the two of you will decide if you will move forward in your career change.

Once you and Bettie have decided to work together, you will decide on date and time for a first in-person meeting if geographically feasible. Bettie is located in the Washington, DC Metro area. If you live in another area, Bettie will work with you via telephone and email.

She will assign you some “homework”, which involves answering a customized list of questions regarding your career, and pulling out your current resume (or work-related documents if you don’t have a resume). These materials will form the basis for your next conversation.

Your work with Bettie may vary some from this point, depending on your needs. If you needed a resume “yesterday”, Bettie will try to meet your quick turnaround needs. If you are seeking career coaching, you and Bettie may spend more time exploring your strengths, wants and preferred venues.

Think of the time and money spent on a new resume, a cover letter or career coaching as an investment in your future– because it truly is.