"Bettie did an excellent job designing the resumes to respond to the positions I was applying for. Her HR experience is a definite plus. Working with Bettie was fun, very insightful, creative and, as a colleague said, she 'got my essence quickly.'”

Linda D., Life Coach



This is the one document you really need, so keep it focused, relevant, eloquent. Ensure that it speaks to the readers: hiring managers, recruiters and HR staff.

Your resume is essential for any career change. It is the one document that convinces a prospective employer to invite you for an interview. Bettie Biehn will work with you to craft a unique resume, one that highlights your relevant skills, experience, education and abilities, puts forth your strengths that address a future employer's needs, and is clean, clear, concise, accurate, well-written, grammatically correct, and readable. This thorough, considered and detailed approach can many times accelerate and maximize the search and employment process

As a first step toward creating the best resume for you, Bettie will thoroughly review all materials you provide (past resumes, CVs, accomplishments, articles, clips) and ask in-depth questions about your career goals to determine the format, structure, content, tone and wording of your resume. She will also provide you with a questionnaire that will help you drill down to those key areas that are outlined in the job postings you provide and also evoke information on your accomplishments, achievements, skills that you may simply assume folks will know. Bettie does not want to leave any stone unturned in providing you with a rock solid resume that eloquently tells your story. You should be pleased with your completed resume, and it should be a true and clear reflection of YOU. You want to make your best presentation the first time, and a well-done resume helps you do just that.

Your final resume may have a functional, chronological or "hybrid" (combination of both) format. Bettie will discuss the best and most appropriate resume type for you after examining your work history, experience level, number of industries worked, gaps in employment, and areas to emphasize (or not!). You and Bettie will decide at the beginning what works best.

Bettie's philosophy on resumes is "PUT THE GOOD STUFF UP FRONT!". She believes that candidates need to put their best skills, abilities, talents, achievements ON THE FIRST PAGE, followed by INFORMATION THAT BACKS UP THE "GOOD STUFF". By highlighting strengths in the beginning — in a skill summary, a career overview, a listing of achievements — anyone reading the resume will not have to search for key selling points.

Bettie speaks from experience when she says "if a prospective employer has to spend too much valuable time looking for a candidate's best points, it's doubtful that the candidate will make the first cut." Trust her on this one...as a hiring manager and HR Director, she has read thousands of resumes, and the ones that get and keep her attention are those that are attractive, well written, and feature "all the good stuff up front."

“Bettie is the only person that I will ever use for crafting my resume moving forward. I have been in executive management for over twenty five years and have had many versions of a CV along the way. I have never had so powerful and holistic a resume as the document she prepared for me. The professionals who have reviewed it for validation all agree. Bettie captured the essence of my talents and memorialized in exquisite detail not only what I have accomplished but also what I bring to the table for a prospective employer. She is also the "Queen" of cover letters! I highly recommend her.” — PS