“ I sent [my new resume] immediately to a possible new employer, who called me within minutes of receiving it. Until I was referred to you, I had been submitting the same boring resume that ... did not highlight my accomplishments."

Jessica, Food & Beverage Director, 5-Star Hotel Resort



Address items not in your resume like relocation, salary (if asked), and how your assets can work for the new employer. Answer the hiring manager's big question: "What can you do for me?"

The debate over cover letters is still ongoing, but cover letters have become a more essential part of an employment application. Cover letters can mention the hiring organization's featured products and projects, citing ways that the applicant could make a serious contribution to their success. A cover letter is also the time to address relocation plans, particular skills/experience/talents that are important to the hiring organization, salary issues if raised, and background details that are relevant to the job and the organization that may not be readily evident in the resume.

Bettie, nicknamed the "Queen of Cover Letters" during her tenure as Lead Resume Writer with a national job board, will research and design cover letters that address the right person, cover all the salient points, keep it short and sweet, and paint a more accurate picture of you, the candidate. Your finished cover letter will also provide you a template for future letters.

Cover letters will always wax and wane in their popularity, but Bettie believes that including a well written, relevant and short cover letter is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

A number of Bettie's cover letters have been included in the latest edition of Teena Rose's book Designing a Cover Letter to WOW Hiring Personnel.

“In my experience, contractors tend to be EITHER personable or professional, but almost never both. I can't count how many times I've REALLY liked someone I've hired, only to find that the work they performed was subpar, or conversely been very happy with someone's output, but so put off by their demeanor that I vow never to work with them regardless. And then, thankfully, there are people like Bettie. Bettie Biehn has unmatched skills for resume and cover letter creation, and she packages that skill around a warm and caring personality that makes you feel that your success is irrevocably tied to hers. Before one word is typed on your behalf, she takes the time to ensure that she understands who you are, what you do, and how you want your career to progress. And once she starts writing, she'll keep going until you are thrilled with the results. My final invoice was paid to her months ago, yet she still checks in with my progress, and she is still ready and willing to write a cover letter on my behalf when the need arises. Resumes are, at their core, an intimate thing. They lay bare the sum total of who you are as a professional, and express your hopes and dreams for your future. Something this important should be only be handed to someone who is great at what they do, and cares to give you their very best each and every time. In Bettie, you get the whole package.” — CF