“Finally meeting with you is one of the wiser decisions I have made in a long time...it’s refreshing to think and plan and act. As the rest of my life becomes shorter and shorter, I’m determined to make it count.”

Drew, Librarian/ Information Ctr. Dir.




An experienced, objective third party can ask the hard questions, challenge assumptions, and provide essential guidance in figuring out what you want to do next.

Moving forward in your career can be exhilarating, fun, and challenging. It can also be frustrating and scary. Whether you’ve left a job, lost a job, want to do something different, or your boss is driving you crazy, the thought of leaving a job can cause all sorts of emotions.

Change is often good, and changing jobs – or changing career directions – can be just what you need. But if you’re not sure what you want to do, or what you CAN do with your skill sets, this type of change can stop you in your tracks.

Through career coaching, Bettie will help you discover what it is you WANT to do, and then help you look at good places to do it. Often, clients need an objective third party asking them the hard questions, nudging them to explore different careers and work venues, encouraging them to brag about their unique skills and abilities, and then coaching them to craft a plan and move it forward.

Coaching can lead to a new resume...or not. Sometimes a client simply needs encouragement to explore other avenues in the employment world. And Bettie brings a wealth of experience and information to this facet of her business and has a "Rolodex" filled with resources in the form of professional colleagues (recruiters, trainers, other coaches) and informational resources such as training courses, articles, books, etc.

All of Bettie's clients receive some coaching and how much depends on the client's needs. Bettie will work with you to find the profession that "trips your trigger" and to which you will gravitate happily. For Bettie, she has found that profession and she loves it! And it shows.